Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dance, Dance and the Size 22 shoe

Party people, party people. Over the past few days I got a chance to release some stress with one of my passions in life... Dancin'!!

My 2 highlights were:

Catchin up with one of my favorite Dj's Rich Medina who broke it down and turned it up on the Brooklyn side for the "Booklyn Bounce" party at Deity on Atlantic Ave. The dance floor was packed and full of energy as usual when Rich is on the decks. Always the perfect mix of funk, soul, hip hop and house to keep me movin. I danced my ass off! For those who haven't been yet, Deity is one of the most recent hot spots to pop up on this side of the East River. Its a Nightclub with 2 levels that blend Ancient Mythology themes with modern aesthetics. Lots of Stained glass and Organic materials. The Dj booth upstairs has a great back drop(see pic with horns). It was an enchanting space to walk into. They've also got a fair collection of spirits for a nightclub where I found myself sampling their finest tequilas on hand. As I was sampling I bumped into cocktail mixologist and Brand Ambassador for Uluvka, Colin who also resides in Brooklyn. We keep talkin about getting together for a cocktail and somehow end up at the same places having cocktails. Its a small city sometimes.

This Past Tuesday I made it out to the institutional APT where my good friend Khairi on behalf of Puma hosted the latest "MY FAVORITE THINGS" party. There we were blessed by one of the most prolific producers in the music game, DEGO from 4 HERO. Dego had the lovely Vanessa and I dancing to a gamut of music on the dance floor from Hip Hop to House to Broken Beat to Salsa to Rhumba and back again! Woo, it was hot on the dance floor! Good music does wonders to the footwork and for the soul. Upstairs is where we encounterd the Size 22 Puma Clyde sneaker who made a guest appearance and to take photos with guests in the private booth. Special thanks to StudioBooth who set up an area and projected all the wacky shots of the guests and the Clyde sneaker as they were shot. Check the pics, it was a fun time.

Dancin and sweatin and sweatin and dancin!

This Friday I plan on more dancing and working on my salsa game. Looking to take a class and then work on it at S.O.B's for their friday night salsa concerts. Its tons of fun and there are some amazing dancers there.

The Beat goes on...

At your service,

The Boulevardist

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