Saturday, February 7, 2009

Puerto Rico

So before I go too deep into the future and into a post for this current week which was a turbulent ride on liquid slide, I think it would be best to reflect on one of the reasons why I love New York.

The feeling you get when you get back from a trip.

I had an amazing time on my seriously needed trip to Puerto Rico last week. So many little experiences and meeting new and creative people. I had a chance to be in a music video as well as help with a little choreography. As I started taking notes on what I experienced out there I decided the list itself had a certain flow that would be best left alone. Heres a quick list of some captured moments from my trip.

Puerto Rico…oh-woah

Palm trees
Cool breeze
Old cars
Warm air
Long hair
Short hair
Light skin
Dark skin
Big butts
Goin nuts
Breath opening
Eyes widening

Barrilito sipping
Medalla drinking
Pina Colada gulping
Beach walking
Papaya eating
birds whistlin
Skip Skippin
Step Steppin
Check Checkin

Ocean dwelling
Sand digging
In the jungle
Really breathing
Waterfall exploring
With my back Leaning
Water pounding
Back loosening
Vortex inhaling
With my wings spreading
Lose control
Gain control
Puerto rico…
…oh woah

jaw dropping
fingers snapping
gum popping
looks locking
lip licking
hair whipping
drips dripping
neck sweating
Tempurature rising
Drum beating-
Horn blowing
Bass pickin
chest expanding

Right Papi
Aye Mami
Rasta beat
Conga beat
Salsa beat
Move your feet
In the heat
Pretty neat

Lose control
Take control
Gain control
Shake patrol
En espanol

Say soul
Feed soul
Breath slow
Walk slow
Trippin out
Without a doubt
This is what
Its all about
When you leave town.
And go
To Puerto Rico.

I want to thank Lea Muses and Naja Rosa Koppel for being such amazing co-pilots on this experience. I would have never left town if it wasnt for their invite.

At your service,

The Boulevardist

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