Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Legendary Roots Crew do it again...

Innovators in hip-hop, The Roots has focused on live instrumentation in recordings and concerts since 1987 when rapper Black Thought (Tariq Trotter) and drummer ?uestlove (Ahmir Khalib Thompson) met at the Philadelphia High School for Creative Performing Arts. Forsaking the usual hip-hop protocol, The Roots' produced its first major-label album, Do You Want More?!!!??! (1995), without any samples or previously recorded material, and made a name for itself by defying genres and conventions. The group is known for its complex and politically aware lyrical content ranging from violence and its consequences to the crime, poverty, guns and drug culture plaguing its hometown of Philadelphia.

As a loyal fan, I've seen the Roots at least half a dozen times and I never saw the same show twice. In the tradition of musical innovation the Roots presented a series of performances call the "Roots Jam" which calls on hand picked cameos of emerging artists and a lots of surprises in between. Last night's show was inspiring and had me twitter crazy. Highlights included the explosive opening act by a collective of Phili MC's known as the 5th Dynasty,"the Phili Wu Tang" as Black Thought put it.

Mazzy Swift a female electric violinist had a solo so uplifting the lighting engineer must have had a seizure while holding the was electric!

A former keyboardist to Miles Davis was on deck and added psychedelic notes to the ensemble. Pharaoh Monch ripped the stage as did Virginia MC, Skills on a freestyle trip. A young Rwandan woman who jump onstage and owned it had the vibe of a young Grace Jones. That was hot. Chester French even joined in on now what was a hip hop orchestra. To close the show the crowd was thrown in jumping craze as Dead Prez ran up on stage and dropped their lyricist anthem "Its Bigger than Hip Hop"...ride or die.

It was an all out JAM!

The next "The Jam" session is scheduled for May 5th. Check it.

At your service...Yo.

The Boulevardist

Friday, April 24, 2009

After this Sunday brunch just wont be the same...

Come out this Sunday to eat, drink, dance and play.
We're toasting in the season in +CHILL and MyUberlife way.

On decks rotating Dj's:
and yours truly droppin feel good music to move your feet.

Merkato 55
55 Gansevoort St Meat Packing District
3pm til the cops come knockin

Hope to see you there!

At your service,

The Boulevardist

Monday, April 20, 2009

There is such thing as a Sunny day in NYC

Yes, it exists and this weekend was the sure shot. Got a chance to catch the sun revelers out in the east village this past Saturday at the Porch bar for Meredith and Soo's birthday. The party was hosted by +CHILL as a kickoff to their afternoon parties they'll be throwing all spring and summer. It was a hot scene and I loved that everyone was styled out in their spring outfits. Its part of what makes sunny days even hotter. Below are pictures from the party as well as a few pics I pulled from friends posted FB pages(thanks Jason, Milena, Albana and Marion). As Annie would sing..."The sun will come out tomorrow".

At your sunny service,

The Boulevardist

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cocktailing 2.0 is in effect

This past Tuesday Nirvino took over the back lounge of Public for its first official Happy Hour event in New York. Public, a 2 level bakery in its past life, now showcases a themed setting designed to evoke public institutions like schools and libraries. Their wine and cocktail menu is as creatively expressive as their food, fusing ingredients from all over Asia to down under Australia. At the happy hour, a handful of Ambassadors on hand mingled with newcomers, giving them the lowdown on Nirvino and its new way of "drink and tell". The latest innovation to the Happy Hour events was a live "tweet" feed projected on the wall. The feed shared twitters and reviews instantly with everyone at the event and live in cyberspace.

There were sure signs of spring fever in the air as we sipped wines and cocktails from Public's current menu. Mary W. says of the Pear and Lemongrass Fizz, "The smell is zesty and sweet. Can I take a bath in it? :) I would most definitely order this for a long sunday brunch. Maybe I would order a few."

The Red Chili Guava Margarita set the event on fire as Sarah S. shouted, "Wow! I wore my pink pumps on the right night! The red chili is HOT. I loved the extra kick before you hit the guava. Feeling hot hot hot!" and Zarina N. said, "Delicious! I would love to serve this at a party and see the friends' reactions. Hot!" She's already thinking of parties!

A special thanks goes out to the crew at Public who kept our guests on schedule with the tastings and a special shout goes out to Mary behind the bar who not only shook the cocktails on point but also found time to jump out and mingle too.

Who would have thought that wine and cocktails could spark such fever? I guess it all goes down on the quest for Nirvino.

Stay tuned. They're just getting started New York.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dressing room #1

I just love finding out about the extras you would'nt normally come across unless you are in the know. After a shopping at Groupe on Elizabeth I was tipped off on a new shop to check out. This is the case of Olivers, the private made to measure mens shirt shop. Their customized and made-to-measure shirts incorporate all vintage fabrics. Just opening last month, the hidden shop whose entrance is an unmarked dressing room door in the Eleven boutique is jointly owned by vintage collector Oliver Harkness and Brazilian tailor Jussara Lee, who also runs her own namesake boutique in the meatpacking district. The compact, dimly-lit room contains industrial metal racks bearing button-downs and thick overshirts in various shades, stripes, and plaids. Oriental rugs and pair of facing pink-upholstered armchairs create an antiquated feel. The cotton shirts sport mismatched vintage dead-stock buttons and detachable collars backed by stiff linen—the fabric dates back to World War II and was used in Swiss Army military mattresses. Other versions incorporate World War II–era twill and heavy vintage wool. A glass display case holds model collars in various sizes and prints—individual collars are $48 apiece and are available in full-spread, semi-spread, rounded and wingtip styles.

Men, get fitted. Seersucker season is approaching fast.

At your service,

The Boulevardist

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Toast in to a Cocktail Lifestyle

I want to share with you a new platform I am very excited to be a part of that will change the way we choose what to drink and where to drink it.

As New Yorkers, the drinking culture plays a big role in our lifestyle. There’s always something to be said about that hidden cocktail bar that made the mysteriously delicious cocktail or the bold and beautiful glass of Burgundy sitting next to the piano player. You’ve had relationships develop and listened to secrets divulged over wine. You schedule meetings and make deals during the proverbial cocktail hour. The Cocktail bar & the Wine bar are now your destinations for the evening.

As a result of this growing addition to our lifestyle, each cocktail has become a conversation piece. From the walnut infused bourbon to the indian spice infused simple syrup, these cocktail “mixologists” are continuously pushing and blurring the boundaries of the culinary world. To think that we are now getting complex aromas in a cocktail and on the palate you can get a hint of black pepper and exotic fruit speaks to the sophistication and craft to each drink recipe and each wine produced. But the question I challenge you to think about next time you have a drink is…what is it that I love about this drink? What do you smell? How does the color strike you? What flavors are you getting as you sip?

Nirvino, a location-based application is designed to help us all find the best drinks in our neighborhoods. We are building the first map of every cocktail, wine, and beer menu in New York City.

Nirvino is now the place for you online or via mobile application to easily:
* Review and map out your favorite drinks.
* Find the best drinks in your neighborhood.
* See what and where your friends are drinking.

I invite you to explore your inner sommelier and really discover each cocktail and glass of wine in its handcrafted glory. We are all connoisseurs; we just don’t realize it yet.

Join our community of enthusiasts on the quest for Nirvino!

Ladies and Gentleman, meet Nirvino.

At your service,
Tomas Delos Reyes

Friday, April 3, 2009

Double up, Double down

I was strolling through the Lower East side the other night trying to figure out my move for the evening. As I walked by the Living Room I thought that some live music could be just the trick. They have decent to great acts perform nightly and its usually free. I perched my self upon the bar and had a beer, Widmer Wheat to be specific, as I continued a potentially promising text conversation(I know they're silly but it had to be done this way). There's something to be said about sending quick messages that lead into an evening of who knows what.

The live music happens through the curtains in the back so I found myself walking back and forth as a new act would come on. I started to get into this texting when I realized I was just out of juice on my phone...shortly after, death of phone for the night without a charger in sight. Stranded without the Blackberry and conversation cut. Ratts.

After venting my moment of frustration to the bartender we both realized that we knew eachother from years past. Its always good to know the bartender as I usually make it a point to. So he pours us shots of whiskey which I happily oblige. I go out for some air and look up at this sign across the street.

I came back in and asked him to make me a Negroni cocktail which he couldnt recall so I happily give him the recipe. He makes a double and then pours 2 more shots for us. I go to the back and check out some music, come back, sit down and then decide to go out for a cigarette. This is what I saw when I got out.

Folks, this is a advisory. Please use caution when you know the bartender at a dive bar.

Needless to say I live to play another day.

At your service,

The Boulevardist