Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Toast in to a Cocktail Lifestyle

I want to share with you a new platform I am very excited to be a part of that will change the way we choose what to drink and where to drink it.

As New Yorkers, the drinking culture plays a big role in our lifestyle. There’s always something to be said about that hidden cocktail bar that made the mysteriously delicious cocktail or the bold and beautiful glass of Burgundy sitting next to the piano player. You’ve had relationships develop and listened to secrets divulged over wine. You schedule meetings and make deals during the proverbial cocktail hour. The Cocktail bar & the Wine bar are now your destinations for the evening.

As a result of this growing addition to our lifestyle, each cocktail has become a conversation piece. From the walnut infused bourbon to the indian spice infused simple syrup, these cocktail “mixologists” are continuously pushing and blurring the boundaries of the culinary world. To think that we are now getting complex aromas in a cocktail and on the palate you can get a hint of black pepper and exotic fruit speaks to the sophistication and craft to each drink recipe and each wine produced. But the question I challenge you to think about next time you have a drink is…what is it that I love about this drink? What do you smell? How does the color strike you? What flavors are you getting as you sip?

Nirvino, a location-based application is designed to help us all find the best drinks in our neighborhoods. We are building the first map of every cocktail, wine, and beer menu in New York City.

Nirvino is now the place for you online or via mobile application to easily:
* Review and map out your favorite drinks.
* Find the best drinks in your neighborhood.
* See what and where your friends are drinking.

I invite you to explore your inner sommelier and really discover each cocktail and glass of wine in its handcrafted glory. We are all connoisseurs; we just don’t realize it yet.

Join our community of enthusiasts on the quest for Nirvino!

Ladies and Gentleman, meet Nirvino.

At your service,
Tomas Delos Reyes

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