Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cocktailing 2.0 is in effect

This past Tuesday Nirvino took over the back lounge of Public for its first official Happy Hour event in New York. Public, a 2 level bakery in its past life, now showcases a themed setting designed to evoke public institutions like schools and libraries. Their wine and cocktail menu is as creatively expressive as their food, fusing ingredients from all over Asia to down under Australia. At the happy hour, a handful of Ambassadors on hand mingled with newcomers, giving them the lowdown on Nirvino and its new way of "drink and tell". The latest innovation to the Happy Hour events was a live "tweet" feed projected on the wall. The feed shared twitters and reviews instantly with everyone at the event and live in cyberspace.

There were sure signs of spring fever in the air as we sipped wines and cocktails from Public's current menu. Mary W. says of the Pear and Lemongrass Fizz, "The smell is zesty and sweet. Can I take a bath in it? :) I would most definitely order this for a long sunday brunch. Maybe I would order a few."

The Red Chili Guava Margarita set the event on fire as Sarah S. shouted, "Wow! I wore my pink pumps on the right night! The red chili is HOT. I loved the extra kick before you hit the guava. Feeling hot hot hot!" and Zarina N. said, "Delicious! I would love to serve this at a party and see the friends' reactions. Hot!" She's already thinking of parties!

A special thanks goes out to the crew at Public who kept our guests on schedule with the tastings and a special shout goes out to Mary behind the bar who not only shook the cocktails on point but also found time to jump out and mingle too.

Who would have thought that wine and cocktails could spark such fever? I guess it all goes down on the quest for Nirvino.

Stay tuned. They're just getting started New York.

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