Friday, April 3, 2009

Double up, Double down

I was strolling through the Lower East side the other night trying to figure out my move for the evening. As I walked by the Living Room I thought that some live music could be just the trick. They have decent to great acts perform nightly and its usually free. I perched my self upon the bar and had a beer, Widmer Wheat to be specific, as I continued a potentially promising text conversation(I know they're silly but it had to be done this way). There's something to be said about sending quick messages that lead into an evening of who knows what.

The live music happens through the curtains in the back so I found myself walking back and forth as a new act would come on. I started to get into this texting when I realized I was just out of juice on my phone...shortly after, death of phone for the night without a charger in sight. Stranded without the Blackberry and conversation cut. Ratts.

After venting my moment of frustration to the bartender we both realized that we knew eachother from years past. Its always good to know the bartender as I usually make it a point to. So he pours us shots of whiskey which I happily oblige. I go out for some air and look up at this sign across the street.

I came back in and asked him to make me a Negroni cocktail which he couldnt recall so I happily give him the recipe. He makes a double and then pours 2 more shots for us. I go to the back and check out some music, come back, sit down and then decide to go out for a cigarette. This is what I saw when I got out.

Folks, this is a advisory. Please use caution when you know the bartender at a dive bar.

Needless to say I live to play another day.

At your service,

The Boulevardist

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