Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Richie Rich Show - Fashion Week 2009

Now I'm not really big on fashion week but when you live in New York and like to go out, its not a bad idea to see whats going on in and around the tents. So my one and maybe only show this season was the Richie Rich show in the Waldorf Astoria Grand Ballroom last night and I can say I really got a taste of some of the excitement, not to mention all the neon colors that are making a comeback.

Former Heatherette Richie Rich and old school club kid jester debuts his new line, under his own namesake. The collection may have been long in planning, but the show appeared to be quickly thrown together. I found it very amusing on the way through the Waldorf Astoria with its typically old money and very snooty clientele to watch the expressions of their guests as club kids, drag queens and yes, Ice T with Coco parade on by to the show. The looks were priceless.

The opening acts were a bit of a spectacle yet much more fun than your typical walk down the runway. It opened with a tin soldier announcing an opera singers rendition of "Send in the clowns" backed by a pianist, followed by ballet dancers in bow ties and tuxedo pants. Think chippendales do Swan Lake. Next Kat Deluna performs one of her dance tracks in somewhat of a flat performance. There was'nt a smooth transition between the Swan Lake performance to hers to get the energy pumping. Yet the dresses, pants and other garments were remarkably stayed with a strong mix of commercial (not in a bad way), trend orientated (sight the eighties) and editorial.

My favorite part of the show happened at the end when Pamela Anderson popped out in a gold bathing suit covered in glittering flowers and blew kisses to the crowd followed by Richie Rich on roller skates. It was pretty damn cute.

I just got word that I'm on the list for the V party tonight. I guess fashion week isnt over for me yet.

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