Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday Night Eats and Treats in Carroll Gardens

Opting to stay on my side of the East River, my crew and I made our way out to Carroll Gardens for some Sunday night satisfaction. Our first stop, one of my favorites was the converted Sicilian men-only club Brooklyn Social. This speakeasy style bar retains the look and feel of an old-time hangout (although they've relaxed the gender requirement). The old-time Brooklyn photos hanging on the walls and a beat up pool table in the back room also help give off the old Brooklyn feel most of us have only experienced in movies like Goodfellas. One of the reasons I love this spot is the cocktail menu, which consists of standard Italian cocktails such as my go-to cocktail the Negroni (Gin, Campari and Sweet Vermouth) as well as cocktails with Italian themed names such as the Fellini and my favorite for the evening, the Sicilian Fizz. With a crew of 6 we conquered the cocktail menu plus encores special thanks to Nino behind the bar who kept them coming at a steady pace as we dominated the pool table in the back as we waited for our table to be ready at our final destination for the evening. After 2 hours and too many cocktails to remember we joyfully made our way down to one of the hidden treasures of Carroll Gardens, Lucali's Pizza. Lucali having only been around for about 2 years now is well worth the wait and for reasons you'll have to find out for yourself. My take is first of all its rustic feel and ambiance, which is a perfect date spot for anyone looking to impress. The chef and owner who is also from the neighborhood takes pride and prepares each pie with the freshest ingredients available that day and hand grating the right amount of fresh mozzarella every time. He also stays true to the neighborhood and adds ingredients from the local Italian meat shops to each masterpiece. All placed in a wood burning brick oven, lightly charring it to perfection all in a matter of a few minutes. The result, a thin crusted, garden aromatic, pepperoni pungent, perfectly cheesed creation that makes all the difference in where I eat my pie.

Ahh, sundays are great.

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The Boulevardist

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