Friday, February 20, 2009

V Magazine party at Chelsea Piers

Last nights party was the perfect follow up to the previous in my search to experience the randomness fashion week has to offer. I had the pleasure of attending the Visionaire/Vman Magazine ice skating party last night at the Chelsea Piers. My crew and I had a blast! A very attractive crowd of models, fashion industry folks, press, fashionistas and a few sprinkles of celebrities were in the house hob-nobbin while some took to the ice giving everyone a chance to rub elbows and maybe even take a spill in front of Zac Posen, Anna Wintour, Michael Stipe and even Kanye West who seemed to have been all over fashion week apparently staking out his next look. I got a chance relive my childhood ice skating days with the crew and would in the future think twice about trying to take pics while skating. I ended up one of those taking a spill but not to be embarrassed since the ladies I slipped in front of thought it was a cute fall.

After getting my fill of skating and practically losing all circulation in my feet from strapping the skates on too tight, I turned them in and headed straight for the bar. There they were generously serving some new Belvedere vodka that had a bunch of added ingredients such as ginger, guarana and tea. Added to that was red bull and grapefruit juice which was a recipe for craziness by my cocktail standards but hey, I was just ice skating next to a 7 foot tall drag queen with a pink beehive so somehow the drink doesnt seem that crazy after all. Strolling through the crowd, I got a chance to mingle in and met a few interesting people along the way. One guy who I chatted with briefly sported an all black outfit and had on an interesting black hat with ears. My thoughts, "wow, that is a very stylish bat". Fashion can be real funny sometimes. As we started to feel real nice from the cocktails, we made our way to the dance floor where I found my flatmate the "Galactic" Angel rockin out at the Dj booth that was definitely pumpin thanks to the crazy dance flashbacks spun by Wolfie who flew in from Vienna just for the event. There we danced our crazy asses off til the lights came on.

Crazy party made for crazy times.

At your service,

The Boulevardist

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