Monday, March 16, 2009

Things get caliente once you pass the hipsters...

Good Day people,

Its been a few minutes since my last entry. Life happens and sometimes you don't always get a chance to record it. Please read the quote below from New York magazine online Nightlife section:

"The Lower East Side was once a place where expiring hipsters would quietly drink themselves to death in downtown's last-ditch demimonde of derelict, drug-laden depravity. But this bustling neighborhood has seen a turnaround in recent years, and so has the Parkside's once sordid clientele. They keep the well drinks flowing, the classic rock blaring and the billiard balls clanking in the bar's otherwise sterile and faceless neon-lit front room."

So why you ask am I writing about this hangout that is still hipster????

Check it out on a friday night at around midnight. Go in and walk through the crowds of whiskey shooting beer guzzlers, past the restrooms and pool table and there you will find a huge security guard and a sudden shift of music. Pay the man 5 bucks and you will find a 9 piece salsa band setting the room on fire! Salseros and Salsitos come to this hideout to spin and shake on the dance floor til the wee hours. I'm currently still on the beginner side of the salsa bowl but I found this place to be an amazing space to learn and meet some very fun people. The age range is wide as you get lots of the old schoolers who are some of the coolest cats I've seen on the dance floor, spinning around the lovely ladies like tops(ladies which of you wouldn't love to be twirled around on the dance floor?).

The floor is on fire til late for all you salsa lovers and those who just want to dance to some really good live salsa.

Parkside Lounge is on 317 E. Houston St., New York, NY 10002 nr. Ave. B

A su servicio,

The Boulevardist

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