Monday, August 10, 2009

Monkeys, Cocktails and Emotions

This past Tuesday marked another installment of the Nirvino Ambassador Cocktail Review. As we build our cocktail community here in NY we’re also venturing out of our box we call downtown in search for tasty drinks. Ambassadors and guests got to once again take part in creating the first online menu of all the best drinks New York has to offer. Beekman Bar and Books was the perfect spot for this stop for Bols Genever Cocktails. Known for its fine whiskies and cigars this libation pad also has a running theme of monkeys carved in wood and in artwork all throughout the space. Perfect.

Mixologist, Ben Scorah of Beekman Bar and Books created the tasty cocktails for the evening, including the Holland Razorblade which is currently on their menu. As we opened the Nirvino gates for on-site reviews it was also the other cocktails on the menu, the Dutch Blood and Sand and the Green Apple Infused Old Fashioned that equally captured the palettes and emotions of some of our Ambassadors. Might we have another potential Bols Genever cocktail for the menu?? Heres what they had to say.

Matthew L. calls the Dutch Blood & Sand "an explosion of flavor.This is one pinkish colored drink that I will display proudly as I enjoy it!"

Nicole T. says the Holland Razorblade is: "Like biting into a citrus fruit while looking out the window through a sheer curtain at the end of summer . . . Light, refreshing, and sexy. And before the sipping experience even began, I was dazzled by the constellation of cayenne pepper sprinkled on the surface."

And Selena R. says "This one's all about the baked apple bitters, giving the sophisticated Bols a warm autumn punch. Is it fall yet?" referencing the Green Apple Infused Old Fashioned

Folks as you see, a cocktail is not just a drink. It’s also a gateway to fantastic imagery and sensation all contained in a pretty little glass.

So as we continue our quest for Nirvino, I invite you to Sip and Tell.

for more info on the Bols Genever and Beekman Bar and Books:

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