Monday, August 24, 2009

Mixing cocktails & Swimming in Dumpsters

*pics and excerpts taken from New York Times online Published: July 19, 2009

Last Friday I was invited to create cocktails for a secret pool party and swim in pools made out of dumpsters on the banks of the Gowanus Canal in industrial Brooklyn.For those who have either heard about or read about this infamous space you'd know that very few were able to experience this unique and somewhat magical space that was surrounded in urban decay.

*On a rented lot that’s hidden from the street they have erected what they call a lo-fi urban country club: three connected pools housed in Dumpsters; a boccie court; some lounge chairs, grills and cabanas.

*The idea, said David Belt, a real estate developer and the president of Macro-Sea, the company behind the pools, was not to create an exclusive party destination but to experiment with underused space and materials, repurposing them with urban renewal in mind.

The party was organized by Jonathan Schnapp, Tahir Hemphill, Chanel(not the brand), and Tristan of Tough Dumpling. Jonathan Schnapp who is a friend of David Belt was given an open invitation to throw a party in the space. He brought in bands, Djs, a 6' whale pinata,3 pork roasts for the grill and about 60 guests filled with good vibes.

The bands that played were The Faculty who dropped a a cool live Hip Hop session and Tamar Kali who put it down harder than most could pick up with her afropunk sound. The djs were Tough Dumpling, Radar, Workhorse, Jake, Virgil and Richard who all kept the ebb and flow of the dance floor on point.

As for them doing it again, they'd love to, but the pools are being deconstructed this Tuesday, so we've probably seen the last of the dumpster pools in this current incarnation.

I guess I can say I got a chance to swim in a dumpster as many of us first timers had the odd experience of sharing together.

Keep your ears and eyes open. Theres so many random events happening in New York, beneath the surface and around your corner.

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