Monday, August 31, 2009

A Liquid Concerto in 4 parts

As I continue on my mission to spread the word of where to get a good cocktail with Nirvino, an online network for cocktail and wine enthusiasts, I share with you a quick recap of my latest cocktail tasting event.

This last Tuesday Nirvino Ambassadors got a real treat once again in Midtown for another Ambassador cocktail review. We had the pleasure this time to experience Rouge Tomate, a beautifully airy and fairly new restaurant thats received lots of buzz for addressing social and environmental issues and seeking out farmers who provide local and seasonal produce. They've developed innovative cooking techniques that ignite the natural flavors while heightening the nutritional value of each dish. Now you put that same philosophy into cocktails and your cocktail just isnt the same anymore.

We were set up in their lower level cocktail lounge StirRed where mixologist Rain Lampariello formerly of Lever House conducted a symphony of flavor and gave us some education on their cocktail philosophy.

We imbibed a 4 course cocktail tasting menu that included a mini Moscow Mule as a palette cleanser and led into the 3 main cocktails of the evening.

Heres what the Ambassadors had to say about them.

Annie S. takes a sip of the Electric Honeydew and gets a lil dreamy "Sweet and sumptuous honeydew melon gets an electric kick in infused gin form. A genius combination with mint tea and honey as the inspiration. Fresh and spiky and shockingly an icicle in August."

Josh B. goes far east and beyond with the Singapore Sling-"Malaysia with its strict Islamic liquor laws and gorgeous brothels make this drink a little mysterious. It was bold with cold blocks of ice and that helps in NY sweltering weather. My friend Liz had never been to to Asia but after one drink, when she hopped into the cab and yelled, Singaore, Buster!"...woah.

Dylan B. gets inspired by the Tequila Maria-"Drinking this is like picking vegetables from your own backyard garden that grows some of the best tomatoes, basil, and peppers. But rather than using those vegetables for a fresh caprese salad, mix their juices with tequila and you've now got your garden in a glass. Zesty, spicy, and fresh."

There you have it again folks. There's a story in every fine crafted cocktail and theres a place to talk about it.

What was your last great cocktail experience like and where did it take you?

As always, I invite you to sip and tell

for more info on Rouge Tomate:

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