Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Giant Step w/ Victor Duplaix and on...

Last night I got to shake a tail feather at the last Giant Step dance party of the year. Since spring, Giant Step records brought in a guest Dj once a month and took over the Hudson bar in an invite only event for their e-subscribers. For the final party they brought in Kervyn Mark and Kamala with Viktor Duplaix as the headliner so I knew we were in for some good soulful house music. I happen to come in on Kamala's set and the current track was so hot, it sent me straight to the dance floor, kickin. I love walking into a party like that! Viktor Duplaix jumped on and worked it with his smooth style mixed in with a little afro and brazilian beats. I've been hearing more Dj's mix Baile funk into their sets which encourages lots of hip movement and is so much fun to dance to. After all the holiday eating I've been doing, this was the perfect party to work it out and I'm sure I was'nt the only one feeling this way. I also noticed a nice handful of Dj's in the house for this one which usually suggests the Dj line up is good. A few to mention that I bumped into were my boys Obah and Cato of the Manjinga parties, Nickodemus, Talib Kweli (who I caught the other night, no comment) and Taboo of the Soul Summit parties.

After that party our crew felt the tequila in our blood was pumpin too hard to stop, so we made our way back downtown to Mr West where the sound system PUMPED! The Dj had the new Common track Universal Mind Control on and it sounded hot. I was wondering if they kept the same system from space's former incarnation Opus 22 by the same techs that put together Cielo's. Oddly enough, during the course of the evening there was a gent who was apparently recession-proof as he would toss a short stack of $1 bills out to the crowd. In the air of wanting to look "cool" not too many people reacted to it as a frenzy you would think so I decided to photo document all the bills as they dropped and sat there...Of course I picked a few up.

I've gotta give thanks to my new friend Chris who was a great host there. Chris is part of the crew over at Mr West who walked in our crew of 15 and set us up with a table of what seemed to be endless amounts of liquor which kept our crew happy and dancing. I got a few reports this morning on the after effects.

Going to check out now. I've gotta put all my music together for short Dj set New Years Eve over at Double Crown. Should be big fun.

At your service,

The Boulevardist

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