Monday, January 5, 2009

Bangin in 2009 with a Bollywood twist!

As I have in the past three years, I had the pleasure to Dj the New Year in with the Avroko restaurant family. The first 2 at Public, their first restaurant now a Nolita institution and this past NYE at their new venture Double Crown. This year, the Bollywood theme had us up to our manicured eyebrows in bindis, saris, champagne and tons of antics. As you entered the space lavished in colored lights and lotus flowers, an androgynous deity greeted you with a glass of champagne while in a standing yoga position. To include everyone in the experience there was a make up area where you could get an intricate Double Crown tattoo, make up and a bindi. Themed parties are so much fun when the guests get involved and with all the staff in costume it was an outrageously transcending experience. I'm now a fan of “Mission to Mars” the band brought in for a live set that consisted of a sitar player and throat singer backed with an electric guitarist and a drummer. They played a rockin electronic breakbeat set for the “wedding ceremony” of the 2 beauties and a half human half horse being. An exotic belly dancer completed the performance and seduced the crowd with swirls of snake-like hip moves while balancing a tray of lit candles on her head. The temperature rose about 20 degrees. You had to have been there to see all this in action. To keep the heat going, Tamer and I took the reigns and dropped a hard mix of electro and house music to set the dance floor on fire. It was an all-you-can-dance boogie buffet to bring in 2009! Special thanks to Nacho who started the evening with a musical trip around the world.

Happy New Year!!

At your service,

The Boulevardist

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