Monday, December 15, 2008

A Decadent Sunday Evening a la Double Crown

Good Day people,

This past Sunday after taking in some culture and supporting a friend who was performing in a take on the Cinderella Story, our group unanimously decided to head down to Double Crown over on the Bowery for dinner. A good friend, Tamer Hamawi who was part of our group and happens to be one of the Managers of the restaurant, influenced the decision. Who’s to say no, especially having dined there the week before and being a regular at Madame Geneva, the enchanting cocktail bar tucked away in the back. It is remarkable how they transformed this space from the old Manahatta, into something far more visually exciting. Its almost like going on that long needed trip without springing for airfare.

As we perused the menu with its bold take on British colonial/Far east influenced cuisine we decided to have Tamer take us on a tour instead. First stop the Spicy Singapore style Laksa, then the East and West coast oyster platter, the crispy sepia, and the scrumptious chili-caramel pork belly, each dished paired with the perfect wine and/or champagne.

I have to say that as a carnivore to the bone (pun intended), It was the cross cut bone marrow glazed with miso and orange-olive marmalade and the succulent Big Braised beef short rib glazed with a Guinness 5 spice sauce, perfectly paired with a 2005 Chateau de Chorey burgundy that really set the experience on fire. We were satisfied and delighted by our jaunt through the menu. To finish, I imbibed my usual, a little Fernet Branca to ease the digestion because a million Italians cant be wrong!

I'll be back...

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