Thursday, February 17, 2011

Patti Smith's "Just Kids" book review and an inspired photo shoot

As a man forever in love with New York City and regular at haunts that still hold a sense of nostalgia such as El Quijote and the Odeon, I also enjoy hearing stories about the icons that contributed to the creativity of our beloved city.

Lately I've noticed lots of folks reading the new Patti Smith book "Just Kids" and although I haven't read it yet, I've been talking about the book with a dear friend and writer Kara Hughett who's in love with it.

Heres what she had to say about it:

"Perhaps it's my impending birthday rounding the corner that calls for necessary reflection, or quite possibly it's Patti Smith's recent memoir, Just Kids, that has me honing in more so on my daily interactions and what forms of creativity I allow to into my life. Just Kids is a detailed recount of Smith's relationship with legendary photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe and those crucial kinship's made within her critical coming-of-age years. From seeing the Velvet Underground for the first time live to sitting on the floor of Janis Joplin’s room at the Chelsea Hotel while Kris Kristofferson sang “Me and Bobby McGee,” Smith examines the moments that molded the artist she has become, including the most sincere affair of all - crowning Mapplethorpe as ".. the artist of my life.” Throughout each page lie personal and poetic descriptions of a type of relationship that seems to have gone missing in recent eras; tender, boundless and never wanting what they couldn’t have or concerned for what the future might bring. As I seem to be pacing my last 20-something pages strategically for the sake of not wanting this written work of art to end, I've realized through Patti's carefully chosen lexicon that she's brought me back to my roots – in a sense fostering and maintaining relationships while taking the mere moments to digest and reflect on the company I keep."

and for a hot interpretation in the form of fashion photography...

VMan's Patti + Robert shoot by Christian Brylle

Patti + Robert link

I was very surprised and happy to see a shirt by another dear friend and Designer Raquel Allegra featured in this shoot. Check out her amazing handmade pieces at

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