Monday, February 14, 2011

Cosmic Dust-A Love Poem

You streak across the universe
a star anew
a sting ray of light
in electric blue
youre a gem in the sky
shining heaven on earth
a projection of beauty
to which you give birth

the constellations form around you
where cosmic streams
excite dances of fire and desire like laser beams
surround you and get tangled in your hair
making me feel as if Im an
interstellar baby crying out to you
silently without boundaries,

Cant you hear me?

with each flash your energy
consumes me, leading me into this
galactic high that only my curiousity
of your vibration which stings
and swells my imagination can get me out of...

do I really want out of this high?

I sit in zero gravity hoping that maybe someday
we may be able to sit on the same cloud
dangling our feet
singing out loud
songs about love

For I am a man from Mars,
humming sweet lunar bars
of Passion
and as love as my navigator
I will find my Venus in You.

At your service,

The Boulevardist

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