Wednesday, November 26, 2008

About the Boulevardist

A cultural polymath, for over a decade Tomas Delos Reyes' vast understanding of what excites and inspires has kept him on the cutting edge of special event production, branding, and lifestyle marketing. Beginning his career in San Francisco and now based in New York City, Tomas is highly regarded among tastemakers on both coasts as a visionary. His ability to absorb cultural trends across the spectrum-- mixing the raw with the refined while carefully infusing his own sense of style-- is what sets Tomas Delos Reyes apart from the rest.
Drawing from his background in film, dance, music, cocktail mixology and luxury goods, Tomas' event production company, Tomas Moves, is recognized by category leaders as an innovative partner. Moet Hennessey, The Whitney Museum and Red Bull are just a few who have trusted Tomas for his insights into what is current and alive.

In keeping with his reputation of being ahead of the cultural curve, Tomas Delos Reyes has a fresh and exciting vision for 2009. Yet, one aspect of Tomas Moves never changes: the personal attention Tomas gives to each client. "There is a certain synergy I love that comes about when I sit down with clients that enables me to take their vision and transform it into an experience. They tell me what they're looking for in black and white--and I bring it to color."

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